Wednesday, April 11, 2012

After The Dust Has Settled

I was using this new hud I found, (put a copy in the notices).  That basically way you a determined amount of money for spending a certain time on the sim to explore it.  I came across =Void=.  They had this awesome outfit on their MM board only 40 slaps.  It comes with boots, jeans, shirt, bandages & eye patch.  The sword came from one of like 8 lucky chairs there.

 Tutsu Outfit

This outfit came from the match game that is the left of the lucky chairs.  It's pretty easy to win.  It comes with hoodie w/hood, jeans, survival backpack & functioning gas mask that shoots mist out.

Pic # 1

Outfit: Tutsu (Jeans, Shirt, Bandages, Shoes & Eye patch) (MM, 40 slaps) @ Void
Sword: Heiko Katana (Lucky Chair) @ Void
Hair: Akami @ Savoir Hair

Pic # 2

Outfit: ConzpiracyOutfit (Backpack, pants, hoodie w/hood, gas mask) @ Void

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