Friday, March 2, 2012

Skin Whores ~ Part #1

So I am starting something that will be done every week.  I will be floating around SL, looking for all the newest freebie skins out there and bringing them right to you =).  I will try to at least have 4 skins per post.  So enjoy the first installment of...Skin Whores!

Rachel By Panda Punx

Vita by Shey

Aeron Zinfadel By Dulce Secrets

Cymoril by Felony

Dafne by -BC-

Rachel @ Panda Punx
Vita (Group Gift) @ Shey Fashions
Aeron Zinfadel (Group Gift) @ Dulce Secrets
Cymoril 1L @ Felony
Dafne (Group Gift) @ BC Shapes & Skin
Hair:  Ladonna (Tinted Red) (Free ball on beach) @ Analog Dog

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