Thursday, March 29, 2012

Red Feather Day

Red, red, red! It's all about the red! Prism has a nice giftie --Sampler 11 -- set out on an easel at MIMI'S CHOICE. The outfit includes the above pictured red Feather Top, perfect for loitering outside waffle houses, as well as more upscale activities, like bowling -- no, no, I mean, wine tastings and, um, art gallery viewings. Yes, that's it.

The top is paired up with the skinny, hipster jeans included in Essential Style's prize for The Fashionista Hunt (no. 60) -- striped Olive You Unbuttoned Jeans.

And now that I've figured out that the Yellow Spring Stompers from :[ SAKIDE ]:'s Depraved Spring Madness Hunt (prize no. 5) are TINTABLE, someone is going to have to pry them off my feet with a crowbar. This pair is tinted olive & red to match the Olive You jeans.

And finally, the Ruby and Black Carlina Hair updo is a free Alli&Ali promo on the marketplace through April 15th.

To start your red feather day, Click Here

*Prism @ MIMI'S CHOICE: Sampler 11 (Giftie on Easel; left click)
* ~*Es Stylez*~ (Essential Style): Olive You Unbuttoned Jeans (TFH no. 6 hunt prize; thru March 31st)
*Dulce Secrets: Misteri Riesling Skin (The Twisted Hunt Prize no. 61; thru March 31st)
*:[ SAKIDE ]: Yellow Spring Stompers (part of DSM Hunt Prize no. 5, thru April 15th) 
*Alli&Ali: Carlina Hair Updo in Ruby & Black (SL Marketplace Promo thru April 15th)
                  Click Here Because the URL is So Very Long

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