Friday, March 23, 2012

Mohna Lisa Couture Wrinkled My Clothes

Found this group gift Wrinkley Jean & top set @ Mohna Lisa Couture at the top of the stairs on a table. For group members they have some really cool cheap stuff in the next room too, so it's sure worth the trip

*MLC* Wrinkley Jean Set
(Blogged by Ishmael Sands)

Outfit:  *MLC* Wrinkley Jean Set, found @ Mohna Lisa Couture (group join):

Hair:  A&A Brody Hair Darkbrown - Hair present by Designs for me (previously blogged), found @ Akeruka Italian Creations:

Skin:  GUILI ABRELATAS Skin, from GUILI ABRELATAS Compete Male Avatar pack (previously blogged), found @ TORO'S:

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