Sunday, March 11, 2012

Customize Your Tan with Doux Petit

For a head-start on summer, check out the customizable HaleyJames Cocoa Skin with freckles in the Doux Petit Prizes for Picks board. What do I mean by customizable? If you wear the skin, go into appearance mode, and click the skin tab, then you can actually adjust the tone of the skin for a lighter or deeper tan.

The Doux Petit board also contains the Jolynn Fawn Skin with freckles, but it gave me the HaleyJames, which is a bit darker. Both skins are customizable! (The Shredded Posies Cami is from a Mini Ensemble in the shop's Lucky Chair/Cupcake.)

Pair the HaleyJames skin with the Bella Burnt Toast Makeover in [mock]'s Prizes for Picks board, and you've got a coppery, eye-popping, lip-smacking match made in heaven.

And hey, our very own saraph Blackheart blogged the A&A Jill hair I'm wearing. Mine is tinted quite a bit darker. To see her blog just Click Here
To cop your Doux Petit tan Click Here

*Doux Petit: HaleyJames Cocoa Skin w/ Freckles in Prizes for Picks Board & Shredded Posies Cami in Lucky Cupcake
*[mock]: Bella Burnt Toast Makeover in Prizes for Picks Board
*Alli&Ali Designs: Jill Hair in Grey [tinted darker] on SL Marketplace (promotion ends March 14th)
                    Click Here Because URL is So Very Long
 *>>>Poison<<<: Original Jeans in Blue from [Where is... HunT :] (ended Dec. 31, 2011 - no longer available as prize)
*::Umedama Holic:: Crystal Eyes (Sea) 1st Anniversary Store Giftie (no longer available)

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