Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cafe*Amie Flower Boots

Cafe*Amie is a boutique-sized shop that carries affordable boots, shoes and housewares of nice quality. They also have an outdoor cafe located on a front deck (over the water) where you can relax with your honey or people watch.

The Beige Flower Boots pictured on the left are the new Lucky Board prize: (10 minutes, group only). (The board also contains a 2nd style of Beige Flower Boots -- not pictured here -- that features uppers in a Victorian floral pattern on Ivory.)

The Black Flower Boots, on the right, are the store's current group giftie -- a free join is propped on the floor in front of the counter, right below the register.

All the boots are resizeable, with wooden heels and buckles. As you can see, the basic colors would go with practically anything.
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