Monday, March 19, 2012

Budget Volturi

It all started when our fearless leader, Victoria Bazylinski, found twenty-two (22) boxes of free (and dollarbie) eyes located on the the wall beneath the staircase at ~*By Snow*~ -- among them the dollarbie New Moon Eyes (Volturi, large) pictured above. (There is a also set of Cullen eyes in the same box.)

That's right! Twilight Saga eyes. Did I hear you moan? Well I haven't read the series of young adult novels, but I watched famous British YouTuber, Alex Day, aka. Nerimon, read excerpts (with his hilarious commentary) on his Vlog here

So my quest was to create a budget Volturi look. (The Volturi are bad*ss Italian Vampire nobility, sort of like a vampire Famiglia de' Medici, with special powers.)

And I picked a good month to try putting together a vampire look, because the Style by Kira's Willow Skin Fantasy Goth Special -- pictured above -- is in the Twisted Hunt (no. 137). It's Volturi all the way! Except maybe the Volturi would be a bit tidier about leaving blood dripping down their chins. But at least there's no bloody milk mustache!

The long, black hair is .:ARI:.'s Princess, featured in the store's Midnight Mania board at this writing.

The free Gothic Jacket and giftie Steampunk Gothic Black Boots were supplied by the discount room above Unzipped. And underneath my jacket (among other things) are the Free Leggings in Black from the room-full-of-free-stuff upstairs at =IZUMIYA=.

I thought my quest was finished, when I came across a dollarbie Dr. Seuss-style Fishbone & Steelhead Tartan Witchdoctor Hat at Bad Bella, in the beautiful 19th-Century, Gothic Revival, Nevermoor Sim.

Okay, the Volturi wouldn't be caught dead in a medicine hat -- they wear hoods -- so I must be a distant, American hoodoo-vampire cousin. And with a hat that tall, my special power must be the thinking of grand thoughts. Either that or I'm over-compensating. Total cost of Budget Volturi's Rustic American Cousin: 2L.

*~*By Snow*~: New Moon Eyes (Volturi, large) Store Dollarbie
* Style by Kira: Willow Skin Fantasy Goth Special, prize no. 137 in The Twisted Hunt (through March 31st)
*.:ARI:.: Princess Hair in Black (featured on Midnight Mania Board at this writing)
*Unzipped: Gothic Jacket and [T.King] Steampunk Gothic Black Boots
* =IZYMIYA=: Free Leggings

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