Monday, March 26, 2012

Simply Spellbound

This week's group giftie from The White Armory is the Simply Spellbound Gown -- a medieval good-girl dress in a rich, slate blue with tiny-floral-print bodice and ample ruffled sleeves. There's also a white bow at the back.

Frankly, the dress made me feel a little like Snow White. "Some day my prince will come. Some day I'll find my love." *Looks around.* Oh, heck, who needs a prince! The pixies and I can polish off the champagne and fairy cakes in the blink of an eye! *nomnom, hic*

And, well, there's not really a "Please Don't Feed the Pixies" sign at Crommhold, but there are dreadful spiders in the cave above the waterfall, so DON'T GO IN THERE!
Remember, the TWA group is free to join, but they require that you request a group invitation from Colton Drechsler or Ida Donardson. Their group gifties change weekly (on Sundays).

The White Armory: Click Here

*The White Armory: Simply Spellbound Gown (Group Giftie)
*D!VA Group Gift: Naomi Hair - Cat's Eye Color (20,000 group members celebration gift)
*Hush Skins & Body Shop: Paige BabyDoll Honey Skin (March Group Giftie; also includes a coordinating Paige Shape, not pictured)
*.amato.*:  Elliptical Eyes, large Marron (giftie @ <<SELECT SHOP>> (down the stairs, underwater basement)

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