Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sky Pilots of SL


Ah, the life of the sky pilots of SL. You spend the day grappling with air pirates, then moor at The Steam Rose -- a steampunk hangout with airship docking stations -- for R&R.

::C'est la Vie:: has set out a unisex, wine-red Captain's Uniform fit for the Sky Captains of Tomorrow. (Oops, that's Dieselpunk, but you know what I mean!)

The prezzie celebrates the first anniversary of team Ä ・S ・H, and is available for an entire week! The team Ä ・S ・H blog is in Japanese, and they appear to be a jazz/broadway style dance troupe.

If you love an avatar in uniform, steer your course  here

*C'est la Vie: team Ä ・S ・H First Anniversary Celebration Giftie 20island/168/198/22
*D!VA: Yoko Long Hair in Lucky Board
*Mother Goose: Maria Skin from Lucky Board 127/22
*LaVie: Echo Skin from Menstuff Hunt 2011 (no longer available)
* Shoenique: Laced Black Ankle Boots Group Giftie 20Designs/83/230/24
*In Her Shoes: His Leather Boots Red (freestore) 7/58
*Sky Everett Designs: Complimentary Eyelash Pack'Utopie/63/199 /29

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