Friday, February 17, 2012

Pastel Pleasures

There's something wistful about pale pink. The colour is just so reminiscent of fragile things, like cherry blossoms, cotton candy and ballerina tutus.

[ SAKIDE ]'s Cache-Coeur Pink Top is just that innocent shade of pink, and also features a classic French "hide the heart" front-wrapped design with surprise knit-sleeves.

It's paired, on the store's two Midnight Mania Boards, with lowrise Vintage Shiny Pink Floral Jeans, which show a lavender hue on my monitor. These two prizes are complimentary in every way!

 The combination would be perfect for this season's Hanami (cherry blossom viewing) festival! And it's right here 

*[ SAKIDE]: Cache-Coeur Pink Top and Vintage Shiny Pink Floral Jeans
*::Modish:: Winterchill Fair Skin from the Winter Chill Hunt (thru Feb. 29)
*Birth Store: Hypnotic Eyes - Aztec Burst in Womenstuff Hunt (thru Feb. 29)
*Plume*: Exotica Onyx Hair from past The Seasons Hunt (prize no longer available)
::CHoOoZ:: Vendetta Boots in Claret Dollarbie

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