Friday, February 10, 2012

Nommable Texture Goodness

Sparkling Lollypops Textures @ TNT MM
Just in time for Valentine's Day, TNT Textures has placed the most mouth-watering pack of Sparkling Lollypops Textures in their Midnight Mania Board. TNT-owner isis Soir changes her board every day or two, so this is one board to slap right away.

TNT is about two months old, but isis has been creating fantasy-inspired designs (in another avatar incarnation) for her irrISIStible Shop for three years. Mermaids, butterflies and Alice in Wonderland are her favorite themes.
In future, isis is planning lots of new texture packs that continue to express her love of fantasy worlds, including a Wizard of Oz pack, more mermaids, and a pack with a faun theme.

isis thinks the most important thing in the world is "life...and the colours of life." Since it can be difficult to find fantasy and magic in the world, isis believes that Second Life should be used to make dreams real.

Since I'm blogging full perm creator stuff instead of clothing, you'll see me and the creators wearing non-giftie apparel. However, I'll attempt to wear one giftie when I blog! This time it's "Felicia" from the Group-only Midnight Madness Board at Rag Dollz Steampunk Emporium. It's on the landing at the top of the stairs:

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