Thursday, February 23, 2012

Namaste from Yak & Yeti

One of the best ways to recapture the excitement of early days in Second Life is a visit to the Yak & Yeti store for some of Annapurna Onomatopoeia's creations.

Not only is everything in the shop free, (including the furniture), but it's packed with traditional Asian clothing and jewelry from India, Nepal and Tibet -- for both men and women. There is also some casual contemporary clothing with which you can create a boho mix-and-match style. And for the martial artist, there is an elegant, Chinese-stye, unisex tai chi suit in black!

The accessories -- up the ladder to the second level -- feature an array of bindis, bangles, good luck charms, Nepalese nose rings, and a variety of jewelry sets. Some of the most spectacular are the nine piece Bollywood Jewelry Sets that come in gold & tourmaline, gold & ruby, and the silver & topaz pictured to the left. Also pictured is one of a pack of three Indian Henna Tattoos that come in varying lengths.

Outside, you can pay a visit to three different shrines: the Nepalese Stupa of Tara (female Buddha), a temple of the Hindu goddess Ganesha (female elephant goddess; counterpart of Ganesh), and a Nepalese Stupa of Mani Stones (pictured below; stones inscribed with the mantra of Avalokiteśvara: Om Mani Padme Hum). I totally had to look that last one up! For a little Yak & Yeti-style enlightenment Click Here
*Yak & Yeti: Traditional Indian Silk Sherwani, Choli Blouse, Girls Ripped Jeans, Henna Tattoo, Bollywood Jewelry
*D!VA: Naomi Hair Onyx "more than 20,000 group members gift"
*Dura: Celebration Gift Hair Black
*Birth Store: Hypnotic Eyes - Aztec Burst in Womenstuff Hunt (thru Feb. 29)
 *LaVie: Echo Skin from Menstuff Hunt 2011 (no longer available)
 *Loordes of London: Millbury Boots in Beige & Blue in Season's Palette Hunt (thru Feb. 29)
*Bare Rose: Free Poses Dollarbie

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