Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Just an Illusion

Yes. This makes me look innocent, but.... >:-p

I happened across the free Paranormal Activity group gift male Avatar I wearing (using my own shape and always will; and they have a good female Avatar there, too) at !M li !L !B !O !N ~Fashion Plaza.  They have a lot of cool free stuff there (mostly for women but a few guy things, as well), in general, but you just have to walk the whole plaza to get all their good freebies, and slap some boards while you're at it.  The place isn't all that big so you shouldn't have any trouble.

This was just one of the outfits I found there, too, for men.  Not too bad for the casual look, I don't think.

Skin: Cal (male):  Paranormal Activity group gift @ !M li !L !B !O !N ~Fashion Plaza:

Hair:  [COLORS] FreeC hair @ [COLORS]:

Outfit (shirt & pants):  Male gift @ *dafnis store @ !M li !L !B !O !N ~Fashion Plaza:

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