Monday, February 27, 2012

A Flowery Celebration from D!VA


In celebration of achieving over 30,000 members in their store group, D!VA has created an inspired new group giftie for you to collect, featuring a coordinated hair and gown decorated lavishly with lillies, roses, and gerbera daisies.

The "D!VA2" hair is an updo reminiscent of the braided crowns of ribbons and flowers that artist Frida Kahlo made famous in her self-portraits. It comes in 13 different colours! The flame-red gown also comes with a dress-length skirt not pictured.

To top it off there are three different hairstyles now featured in the lucky boards: the "Miu" (an updo), the "Shizuka" (a long hair), and the "Kanon" (shoulder-length with braid and little rosette buns) -- all in D!VA's special 'ruby' lucky board hair colour, and all with and without bangs.
If this group gets any bigger it's gonna burst! Click Here

*D!VA: "over 30,000 members" celebration hair and gown 
*Maverick: ~Destiny~ Pale Skin in WOMENstuff Hunt (thru Feb. 29) 
*Birth Store: Hypnotic Eyes - Aztec Burst in WOMENstuff Hunt (thru Feb. 29) 

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