Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dressed for Rivendell

It's already Sunday, and you know what that means -- a new group giftie from The White Armory. This week's gown is called "Forgotten Realms." It is an enchanting, woodland formal fit for even the proudest fae -- Seelie, Unseelie, Sidhe, Lesidhe, Drow, Dryad. etc.-- way too many for a comprehensive list!  And, well, a human could probably fit into it, too.

The White Armory group is free, but the trick about getting in is that you must request a group invitation from Colton Drechsler or Ida Donardson. But it's well worth the effort required!

The White Armory:  Click Here
*The White Armory: Forgotten Realms Gown
*[Mock] Cosmetics: Sonia Skin in Candy Heart Hunt
*D!VA Group Gift: Mana Hair Onyx
*Poetic Colors: Moon - Autumn Dark Eyes store giftie

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