Monday, February 13, 2012

Dont Nox it...

Till you try it!Ok so I was randomly wandering around sims trying to find stores we havent blogged before. I found a cute little shop called Nox. I did the happy dance when I discovered not only a free group gift but a hunt gift too, score \o/! Nox-Quit Playin Games with my heart ring (theres one for each hand) MRVH hunt Gift.

Monthly group gift at Nox. This is the medium orange plug. You get three sizes in the gift, small, med, and large.

This is the second part of the hunt gift. The splattered heart plug. They also come in all three sizes. (Yes the pictures should have been together but I have lost my mind.)

Skin: Al Vulo- Corinna Love Motion Group Gift SLURL:

Hair: Black Maria-Hea Hea hair dark red SLURL:
Ears: Impish Gleam (Yes I made them myself and they arent for sale so :P)

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