Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dirty Boy Cleans Up At FREE DOVE

Must give credit where credit is due. Found this Dirty Boy skin already blogged @ blog:  Fashion + Freebies for Men, but I liked it so much I just had to show it again in case you missed it.  Check out the chops, man. Think I'll buy a clean skin from the creators for my own personal Avatar, too.

The hair is from FREE DOVE; so are the briefs, Vampire outfit, and the jewelry.  I know most of you already know about the FREE DOVE from when you were newbies, but they've upgraded their stuff with some really awesome outfits for both men and women, and you really should get over that way again. You won't be sorry.  As for you newbies, if you haven't been, you better run on over, too, 'cause you're gonna miss out if you don't put one of their LMs in your inventory for now and future use.

 ::VyC:: STAIN *Gift* Skin [2.Fair] [Stubble] [hairbase (dk)] w/Default Lashes ERASER
Men's A&A Portnoy Hair Darkbrown
[ designs by aiden ] Super Hero Brief
Eolande's shell Necklace w/tooth

 :::Sn@tch Vampire Male Outfit (w/shoes) for the Free Dove:::  (Outfit above; closeup of shoes below.)

I call these "Gacey" shoes.
Now, these are some nice Tee shirts I thought you should know about. They come free in 6 different colors for you to enjoy. I choose Red 'cause I like red but you can have them all if you get yourself over there.

 ISPACHI *FREE* Cotton Tees [Red]

Skin:  ::VyC:: STAIN *Gift* Skin [2.Fair] [Stubble] [hairbase (dk)] w/Default Lashes ERASER (join group), found @ ::VyC:: :

Hair:  Men's A&A Portnoy Hair Darkbrown, found @ FREE DOVE:

Brief:  [ designs by aiden ] Super Hero Brief, found @ FREE DOVE:

Outfit w/shoes:  :::Sn@tch Vampire Male Outfit for the Free Dove:::, found @ FREE DOVE:

Jewelry:  Eolande's shell Necklace w/tooth, found in Eolande's Men's Jewelry Gifts 2011 pack, found @ FREE DOVE:

T-Shirts:  ISPACHI *FREE* Cotton Tees [Red], comes in 6 colors, found @ ::ISPACHI:: :

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