Saturday, February 4, 2012

Basket in a Prim

Beautiful Basket Sculpt MM at AtiXx
AtiXx has the perfect prize to inspire a spring build waiting for you in one of their MM boards: Basket in 1 Prim -- a full perm basket sculpt kit that includes a shadow map for use with your own textures, plus a fully baked basket weave texture if you don't happen to have one of your own.

Nabrej Aabye and Rebeca Whybrow are the two prolific collaborators behind AtiXx, which got its name from Aabye's love of ancient civilizations. He wanted a memorable name with the Roman Numeral/Letter X, and he got it in there twice!

The couple collaborate in creating sculpts with many themes -- from ancient cultures to futuristic civilizations. Among other projects, they plan on creating beach-themed sculpts in the near future. Their inspirations are many, and reflect their interest in nature and the environment. Their sim has several MMs which change approximately two to three times per week! 


Nabrej Aabye, ♥ღ.•Belle•.ღ♥ and Rebeca Whybrow: The ladies are carrying a build made with the AtiXx basket sculpt.

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