Thursday, February 16, 2012

Be All That You Can Be..And More

Me'LanGe has bunch to offer.  There are MM's everywhere with 50 for targets.  There are 4 prize campers 30 minutes each.  And a few gifts scattered around in pink boxes.  And 2 games, match & puzzle.  Plus about a dozen dollarbies.  Here are a few items you can grab with your their.

Black Book

Pic # 1

Outfit: Combat Giftbag (Outfit, boots, leg warmers, belt, arm warmer, goggles, neck warmer & hair) (This outfit free if you can win the puzzle in under 2 minutes, its easy) @ Me'LanGe Inc
Skin: Sarita (30 minute sit for skin) @ Me'LanGe Inc

Pic # 2

Outfit: Black Book (30 minute sit for outfit) @ Me'LanGe Inc
Hair: Anaya (Red) @ Me'LanGe Inc

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