Monday, February 20, 2012

Bad Face Day?

Feeling Blue? Blue Spawn Fantasy by Next Gen will take care of that pesky poker face for you. The eyes change color and it is scripted for resize. FREE

The End is Near!

Steampunk Gas Mask 1.4 by Hellen Allen is awesome. Color change and resize scripted I am so ready for the end of the world FREE. Marketplace:

Wolves Escape Grrrr Mask is perfect for stalking those lucky chairs. Its resize and you could stick your tongue out at people and they would never know \o/ FREE. Marketplace:
Back to Blue.

This High Tech gas mask is by D.Q Industries. It is also awesome with its gas and sound effects. Perfect for those packed parties where not everone took a shower. FREE Marketplace:

Hair:A&Y Bunker CyberCity-Aeon Hair 2-blue FREE on the lucky board SLURL:

Skin:Lara Hurley-Mikaela (no longer available) SLURL:

Peircing: ni.Ju-Broken Hearted Peircing FREE MRVH hunt SLURL:

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