Tuesday, February 7, 2012

When It Rains...

Asian Flair Sculpted Chair Night Prize Board
Raindrop "Rainy" Lowbeam named her flagship sculpty store FLOOD because, "A flood happens when there is a lot of rain!"

The latest flood of Rainy's creativity is pouring into her new Asian-inspired satellite shop Asian Flair. She is already featuring a Night Prize Board loaded with the Asian Flair Chair Full Perm Sculpt, plus grand opening events coming up February 12th - 20th.

Rainy got started creating when she wanted to make her own fields of flowers, and she was also powered by an obsession with lowering prim counts.

She creates furniture and the decor to go with it, but she also loves pushing the boundaries. Friends, Google, and joining in many different genres of hunts help inspire her.

Rainy loves seeing photos or samples of the builds people make with her sculpts, and will often display them in her store. She sporadically changes her Night Prize Boards, which deliver upon locking, so keep checking back!

Raindrop "Rainy" Lowbeam & ♥ღ.•Belle•.ღ♥ take the Asian Flair Chair for a 'test drive.'
Since I'm blogging sculpts and other full perm creator stuff instead of clothing, you'll see me and the creators wearing non-giftie apparel. However, I'll attempt to wear one giftie when I blog! This time it's the Green Belted Top & Green Belted Socks from the Jolbey & Jasper Lucky Boards: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Starfish%20and%20Coffee/105/248/23

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