Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leo's Got A Thing For Liza

This is the great outfit that is offered by Liza's Boutique.  The skin is the opening gift for Gravity.  The blonde hair is part of the skin.

Skin: Open Gift (Group Gift) @ Gravity
Outfit: Leo @  Liza's Boutique
Shoes: Leather Booties (Group Gift) @ Gabriel

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Master, May I Have Another?

There are many gifts available @ Liza's Boutique 





Pic # 1

Silk: Ayesha @ Liza's Boutique
Hair: Sala (Group Gift) @ Yuna's Hair
Skin: Megan (Group Gift) @ YS & YS

Pic # 2

Silk: Christmas Gift @ Liza's Boutique
Hair: Sala (Group Gift) @ Yuna's Hair
Skin: Megan (Group Gift) @ YS & YS

Pic # 3

Silk: Nancy @ Liza's Boutique
Hair:  Caught (Tinted Red) (Free ball on beach) @ Analog Dog
Skin: Megan (Group Gift) @ YS & YS

Pic # 4

Silk: Lady @ Liza's Boutique
Hair:  Caught (Tinted Red) (Free ball on beach) @ Analog Dog
Skin: Megan (Group Gift) @ YS & YS

A Bite of Chocolat

Chocolat has this great group gift out.  The texture looks very good. It comes with the belt.

Outfit: Kint Mini Dress (Group Gift) @ *chocolat*
Hair: Sala (Group Gift) @ Yuna's Hair
Skin: Megan (Group Gift) @ YS & YS

Monday, February 27, 2012

Something To Quence Everyone's Craving

Crave has 2 new gifts out.  Weather your the urban streetwear type or more sophisticated type.  There is something there for everyone. 


Tres Chic

Pic # 1

Outfit: Free Gift (Outfit & chains) @ Crave
Hair: Sala (Group Gift) @ Yuna's Hair
Skin: Megan (Group Gift) @ YS & YS
Pic # 2

Outfit: Tres Chic (Hat, outfit, stockings, shoes) @ Crave
Hair:  LaDonna (Tinted Red) (Free ball on beach) @ Analog Dog
Skin: Megan (Group Gift) @ YS & YS

Buckled Up Tight

This dress is one of a few great gifts Koko has out for you to pick up.  Don't know how long the other ones will last but this is the new one =).

Dress: Buckled Minidress @ KoKo
Hair:  LaDonna (Tinted Red) (Free ball on beach) @ Analog Dog
Skin: Megan (Group Gift) @ YS & YS

A Flowery Celebration from D!VA


In celebration of achieving over 30,000 members in their store group, D!VA has created an inspired new group giftie for you to collect, featuring a coordinated hair and gown decorated lavishly with lillies, roses, and gerbera daisies.

The "D!VA2" hair is an updo reminiscent of the braided crowns of ribbons and flowers that artist Frida Kahlo made famous in her self-portraits. It comes in 13 different colours! The flame-red gown also comes with a dress-length skirt not pictured.

To top it off there are three different hairstyles now featured in the lucky boards: the "Miu" (an updo), the "Shizuka" (a long hair), and the "Kanon" (shoulder-length with braid and little rosette buns) -- all in D!VA's special 'ruby' lucky board hair colour, and all with and without bangs.
If this group gets any bigger it's gonna burst! Click Here

*D!VA: "over 30,000 members" celebration hair and gown 
*Maverick: ~Destiny~ Pale Skin in WOMENstuff Hunt (thru Feb. 29) 
*Birth Store: Hypnotic Eyes - Aztec Burst in WOMENstuff Hunt (thru Feb. 29) 

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Happy Easter! Ok so in fairness I have featured this builder before but I can't help it I love love love his stuff. This is the Easter Glubsch he is FREE in the store if you join the group which is also FREE.

Zombie Attack
This is the Zombie Glubsch. Adorable with his need for the flesh of newbs. The best part of him is the scary music when you walk. FREE

These 12 avatars are completely FREE and they are already in your inventory. They are built by the same guy that builds the Glubsch and you can find them if you go to Library-Clothing-Initial Outfits and scroll down till you find the robot section.

Glamorous Sofia

This dress is one of several group gifts you can pick up at Amarelo Manga. There are pants, shoes, & tops there also.



Hair: Sala (Group Gift) @ Yuna's Hair
Dress: Dress Sofia (Group Gift) @ Amarelo Manga

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Every Girl Needs A Lil' Black Dress

Vextra has 2 great prizes on their lucky boards, its a 15 minute timer.  The one is a little black dress and the other one is Zipped Leather, a corset boy shorts combo.

Little Black Dress

Zipped Leather

Pic # 1

Hair: Sala (BKonBlod)  (Group Gift) @ Yuna's Hair
Dress: Little Black Dress (Lucky Board, 15 minutes) @ Vextra

Pic # 2

Hair: Sala (RDonBLK)  (Group Gift) @ Yuna's Hair
Outfit: Zipper Leather (Lucky Board, 15 minutes) @ Vextra

Friday, February 24, 2012

Skull, Cross, Spartan

Okay, so I'm fond of freebie places.  That's what we're here for, right? Well, I was tripping around in search and found a place called Freebie Island, so I thought I'd check it out.  You can find a lot of nice things if you remember to check these places out sometimes.  I found this nice Skull T, these good Lt. Jeans, these pretty cool Vans shoes, and The Spartan Warrior costume in the bottom picture there.  There's other cool things to check out there, too.  The middle picture outfit, Cruz Sport, was found at Freebies Deluxe, though.

Skull Shirt BlackWhite, [NEKISH] Hazy Jeans, Vans shoes

Man clothes Cruz Sport

The Spartan Warrior

1st picture:

Skin:  2000groupmembersGift02 Edgar skin, found @ Heaven's Gate Neo (previously boggled):

Hair:  EMO LOIRO -N- *Dare* - Coconut, found @ Freebies Deluxe:

Shirt: Skull Shirt BlackWhite, found @ Freebie Island:

Jeans:  [NEKISH] Hazy Jeans, found @ Freebie Island:

Shoes: Vans, found @ Freebie Island:

2nd picture (Same skin & hair as the first):

Male Cross Outfit:  Man clothes Cruz Sport, found @ Freebies Deluxe:

3rd picture:

Costume:  The Spartan Warrior, found @ Freebie Island:

The Fuse is Lit!

You keep on Shouting!I wanna rock and roll all night and party every day. Fused Designs has this hot little number out free till sunday, and the shoes come with it. Its a one stop hot FREEbie. So go get it ladies.. oh her store motto is "Cause girls ROCK too!"

Hair: A&Y Bunker CyberCity-Trixie in yellow FREE on the lucky board SLURL:

Skin:Envious Nyx skin natural FREE on the lucky board SLURL:

Dress: Fused Designs FREE Kiss mini tank dress with shoes SLURL:

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Me Love You Long Time

This great shirt & pant set is the February group gift at .:BTS:.  They change their gift every month, and there is something there for the ladies too.  Also if you join their group you get 15% off merchandise.

Skin: Joshua (Group, 100 hits) @ -Gravity-
Outfit: Shirt & Pants (Group Gift) @ .:BTS:.

Feeling Feisty

75 slaps gets you this cute zip up top w/prim zipper & these cute little boy shorts.

Hair:  LaDonna (Tinted Red) (Free ball on beach) @ Analog Dog
Skin: Megan (Group Gift) @ YS & YS
Outfit: Love (MM, 75 hits) @ Feisty!


Blackhearted has male and female gifts and 3 clothes chairs.  Their stuff is well made and comes with accessories and shoes. 

Outfit: Widow Maker (belt, bracelets, boots, clothes) @ Blackhearts
Skin: Joshua (Group, 100 hits) @ -Gravity-

Namaste from Yak & Yeti

One of the best ways to recapture the excitement of early days in Second Life is a visit to the Yak & Yeti store for some of Annapurna Onomatopoeia's creations.

Not only is everything in the shop free, (including the furniture), but it's packed with traditional Asian clothing and jewelry from India, Nepal and Tibet -- for both men and women. There is also some casual contemporary clothing with which you can create a boho mix-and-match style. And for the martial artist, there is an elegant, Chinese-stye, unisex tai chi suit in black!

The accessories -- up the ladder to the second level -- feature an array of bindis, bangles, good luck charms, Nepalese nose rings, and a variety of jewelry sets. Some of the most spectacular are the nine piece Bollywood Jewelry Sets that come in gold & tourmaline, gold & ruby, and the silver & topaz pictured to the left. Also pictured is one of a pack of three Indian Henna Tattoos that come in varying lengths.

Outside, you can pay a visit to three different shrines: the Nepalese Stupa of Tara (female Buddha), a temple of the Hindu goddess Ganesha (female elephant goddess; counterpart of Ganesh), and a Nepalese Stupa of Mani Stones (pictured below; stones inscribed with the mantra of Avalokiteśvara: Om Mani Padme Hum). I totally had to look that last one up! For a little Yak & Yeti-style enlightenment Click Here
*Yak & Yeti: Traditional Indian Silk Sherwani, Choli Blouse, Girls Ripped Jeans, Henna Tattoo, Bollywood Jewelry
*D!VA: Naomi Hair Onyx "more than 20,000 group members gift"
*Dura: Celebration Gift Hair Black
*Birth Store: Hypnotic Eyes - Aztec Burst in Womenstuff Hunt (thru Feb. 29)
 *LaVie: Echo Skin from Menstuff Hunt 2011 (no longer available)
 *Loordes of London: Millbury Boots in Beige & Blue in Season's Palette Hunt (thru Feb. 29)
*Bare Rose: Free Poses Dollarbie

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


As of right this second the board is locked down, but at midnight run to Carrie's Lingerie to slap this gorgeous white lingerie set.  It makes for gorgeous pictures or making your man's heart race.

Hair: Monday (Scribo) @ Miss C
Skin: Megan (Group Gift) @ YS & YS
Lingerie: Felicite Snow Leapord (Group, MM 50 Slaps) @ Carrie's Lingerie

Things Get Artsy

On my relentless search to find you all new and interesting stores, I have run across the cute shop that is just starting up called Artful Design.  Their clothes are sexy, this outfit is from their lucky chair.


Punk Blue

Pic # 1

Skin: Megan (Group Gift) @ YS & YS
Outfit: Torn (Lucky Chair, 5 minutes) @ Artful Designs
Hair: Monday (Scribo) @ Miss C

Pic # 2

Skin: Megan (Group Gift) @ YS & YS
Outfit: Punk Blue(MM, 10 hits) @ Artful Designs
Hair: Monday (Scribo) @ Miss C

Walking On the Dark Side of the Moon

This is one of the many outfits for free available @ Dark Moon.  They have clothing for men also.

Skin: Megan (Group Gift) @ YS & YS
Outfit: Dark Moon (Clothing, shoes, hair) @ *Dark Moon*

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


These fans are great.  They are Osterage fans.  They come with their own suttle animation.  The Bra & Panties come with it.

Hair: Alina (Group Mini MM) @ HairARt
Skin: Megan (Group Gift) @ YS & YS
Outfit: Ostrich Feathers Fan & Black Diamond Bra/Panty set (Group Gift) (Gift is right @ landing, in black box on cart below Group Joiner) @ StarChild Designs

PG...I Think NOT!

So I was bouncing around looking for new places and I came acorss this place PG..Play Girl.  I hunted around looking for anything to blog there cause I loved the name.  This outfit was in the scribo.  It's hawt.

Lingerie: October 2011 Gift (Scribo) @  PG Play Girl
Hair: Alina (Group Mini MM) @ HairARt
Skin: Megan (Group Gift) @ YS & YS

You Won't Need A Surfboard For This Blue Wave

I have always loved Blue Waves clothing.  The designer comes up with the sexiest stuff.  She also includeds accessories like necklaces, bangels & always adds shoes to the outfit.  Here is some great stuff you can get if you spend just a few minutes at her shop.  They have 4 lucky chairs & 5 lucky boards.                      

Bling Flower


Checking Stars

Don't Stop Music

Dark Skin

Outfit # 1

Skin: Dark Skin @ JStyle
Hair: Caridad (Group Gift) @ HairARt
Outfit:  Bling Flower (Lucky Chair 20 mins, Lucky Board 10 minutes) @ Blue Wave

Outfit # 2

Skin: Dark Skin @ JStyle
Hair: Caridad (Group Gift) @ HairARt
Outfit: Checking Star (Lucky Chair 20 mins, Lucky Board 10 minutes) @ Blue Wave

Outfit # 3

Skin: Dark Skin @ JStyle
Hair: Caridad (Group Gift) @ HairARt
Outfit: Don't Stop Music (Lucky Chair 20 mins, Lucky Board 10 minutes) @ Blue Wave

Monday, February 20, 2012

Bad Face Day?

Feeling Blue? Blue Spawn Fantasy by Next Gen will take care of that pesky poker face for you. The eyes change color and it is scripted for resize. FREE

The End is Near!

Steampunk Gas Mask 1.4 by Hellen Allen is awesome. Color change and resize scripted I am so ready for the end of the world FREE. Marketplace:

Wolves Escape Grrrr Mask is perfect for stalking those lucky chairs. Its resize and you could stick your tongue out at people and they would never know \o/ FREE. Marketplace:
Back to Blue.

This High Tech gas mask is by D.Q Industries. It is also awesome with its gas and sound effects. Perfect for those packed parties where not everone took a shower. FREE Marketplace:

Hair:A&Y Bunker CyberCity-Aeon Hair 2-blue FREE on the lucky board SLURL:

Skin:Lara Hurley-Mikaela (no longer available) SLURL:

Peircing: ni.Ju-Broken Hearted Peircing FREE MRVH hunt SLURL:

Sexi Lexi

Dressed by Lexi put out a dress to celebrate reaching 5k members.  This dress is gorgeous it can be worn 3 different ways.  It's just sexy anyway you wear it.  You can go to a ball, then a dinner party right afterwards, then slip into the mini for some clubbing. 




Skin: Megan (Group Gift) @ YS & YS
Dress: Embrace (gown, slit, mini) (Group Gift) @ Dressed By Lexi
Hair: Caridad (Group Gift) @ HairARt