Friday, January 20, 2012

Strip'd One Buck At A Time

At Stip'd they have a great outfit on the MM board, but its group (free).  They have these 4 outfits are great.  They are only 1L a piece.

Army Brat

Closer to the Edge

School of Rock

The Legend

Outfit 1: Army Brat 1L @ Strip'd
Outfit 2: Closer to the Edge 1L @ Strip'd
Outfit 3: School of Rock 1L @ Strip'd
Outfit 4: The Legend 1L @ Strip'd
Hair: Group Gift (Butter Rum) @ Dura
Skin Mew 2 @ Heartsick


  1. Thank you very much Julya for your post about my clothes. It is greatly appreciated. Though I must say, if you are going to highlight a stores clothes, you may want to wear them correctly. Pant cuffs, sleeves and collars are all kinds of messed up on you. Take some time to actually resize and adjust the prims, because they way that they look on you is aweful. The intention was flattering but the execution lacked, but again, thank you and it is appreciated.

  2. Well I think its funny that you said she didnt set everything right yet She showcased one of my outfits and everything came out perfect, maybe if you didnt do half ass work and actually take the time to make your stuff instead of slapping shit together, Maybe your work would be showcased better. Im sorry by I know kids that can make better clothing than that. If you want to see what real clothes look like come find me and my store. And 1 last thing, If you are gonna sit there and bitch and moan about your work not looking good in a blog, then learn to design better.

    The Venomous Bastard

  3. Upon having read your above note of "appreciation," I shutter to think what you might have said in scorn. Too bad Julya doesn't have even more time to blog for us gentlemen, but doing what she does almost single handedly is quite enough for most of us. I'm sure if she ever decided to blog any of your stuff again, she would most certainly take more care with prim adjustment, considering how pointedly it was brought to her attention, that is. But I for one, although not psychic by any means, couldn't possibly ever foresee that happening, only because of the many other welcoming stores she has to cover, as well, of course. Can't wait to see what she will have for us next!

    Ishmael Sands