Saturday, January 21, 2012

Room of Freeness

Lapointe & BastChildIts a whole room of clothing and shoes! Lapointe and BastChild have something for everyone. Most of it is a little gothic but its really nice.

Hair:Calico Ingmann-Josh in Mocha from Savoir Hair FREE SLURL:

Shirt:Urban Toxic Top

Jacket:Black Rebel

Pants: Warrior Leather

Boots: Baroque Darkness

Brocade Mystique (comes in three colors I have on the Violet set)

Underworld Slayer Set

Something for the girls! Silk Rose with the Selene boots!
(The hair is from heart softens which is no longer open..booo. And the Al Vulo that I blogged before)

Gothic Memoire with the Silk Ruby boots (comes in both full and half boots)

Tartan Nocturnal set comes with three separate skirt options!


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