Monday, January 23, 2012

Opening at Heaven's Gate

Hi, Ishmael Sands here (Julya's brother). In all my posts, I will be using my own shape I made. It is not for sale. Sorry; however Julya, and my other sister, Annabella Noel, run Shame Me Designs, in case you need a good custom shape made for you or would just like to buy one off our walls.  We always have a free female & male shape on the table available for you there, too. Go to our pics if you care to check us out.  I'm just going to be helping out a little, from time to time and I'm new at this so please bare with me (yuk, yuk).

Found the above group gift skin among other free male skins @ Heaven's Gate Neo.
The hair is from [INK] Flagship Shop, and the underwear was found @ :: VITAMEN ::

Here's me again, modeling a Trick or Treat Hunt His gift #7 outfit that is still there, that I found @ Before Sleep.  The hair is a Dura Hair Group gift from a 4-pack.  There's also another pack there you might like.

#1:  Skin:  2000groupmembersGift02 skin (Edgar skin) (group gift) @  Heaven's Gate Neo:

Hair:  [INK] Hair___DAWN ::Goup gift @ [INK] Flagship Shop:

Underware:  VITAMEN Monthly Freebie Dec2011 (5 colors) @ :: VITAMEN ::  (prevously bloged Dec 2011):

#2:  Outfit:  New Before Sleep, Trick or Treat Hunt His gift #7, NEW YORK PHYS ED long-sleeved T & blue jeans:

Hair:  Dura Group gift-A (01/2010):

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  1. Is it just me, or is Ishmael a ringer for Iggy Pop in the first pic? :)