Sunday, January 1, 2012

Have An Apocalyptic New Years!

Apocalyptic New Years Hunt started today, I'm featuring 2 stores from the hunt.  The first on is Indigo Oddities, the outfit is called Catastrophe & the boots are called  Natural Selection.  Catastrophe can be worn w/ or w/o the jacket, both are very hot.

Skin used here is from PixyStyx more featured down below.

Skin used is my normal skin I use, Megan from YS&YS.

These boots are a bonus gifty they threw in.  Also they have a unisex outfit.

The outfit is called 1/2 Evil.

Apocalypse Got Me

Outfit & Boots: Catastrophe & Natural Selection Boots (Apocalyptic New Years Hunt Stop #24) Hint:  I saw the end, and I hid behind the curtain...  @ Indigo Oddities

Clothes & Skin: Apocalypse Got Me (Apocalyptic New Years Hunt Stop #3) Hint: If its the end of the world, you better be CONTACTING me to tell me to run!! @ PixyStyx

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