Sunday, January 29, 2012


Aren't You. So the other day I was looking for great free hair and I found the Alice Project. They have seven or eight really nice hairs on their lucky boards and non group MM board. There is a really great menu and are made to recolor so you absolutely love what you end up with. They feature both Mesh and Normal hairs in their boards, they are so worth the stalking.

Hair: (curly) Alice Project-Persuasion -Lucky Black (recolored) FREE
Hair: (strait) Alice Project-Brittany-Lucky Brown (recolored) FREE SLURL:
Skin: Envious Creations-Nyx Natural FREE on the group Lucky Board. SLURL:

I got this little ray of sunshine called Ignored off of one of the FREE non group lucky boards at Envious Creations. It will brighten up any day.
Outfit: Envious Creations SLURL:


I cant think of a better name for this hot outfit. Its called Teal Desire and you can't help but want it. It is FREE in the guess and win board.

Adored This is the FREE group gift this month \o/. The group is free to join and this outfit makes it worth giving them a group spot. Its called Jeez Yellow and its super awesome. There are wings with the outfit but you can't really see them.

Outfit: Envious Creations SLURL:

Enthralled This is called Pure Trouble and it is going to make everyone stop and stare. It might be white but it is anything but chaste. FREE in the guess and win.
Outfit: Envious Creations SLURL:
There is also a free guys gift in the next room if you join the guys group!(no picture this time sorry guys)

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