Sunday, December 23, 2012

Huntin' For Ho Wear

Ho Wear is having an AWESOME hunt goin' on right now.  As I am typing the sim is FULL.  So don't miss out on these kick ass gifts.  It's all free, don't even need a group tag.  This is the 1 of 22 gifts out.  It comes with the lingerie, nylons and collar.  

The hair is from Analog Dog, and the boots from Marketplace.

Boots: My Little Black Boots 1L by Battle Fairy @ Marketplace
Dress: Baltamora (HoWear Hunt # 1) @ HoWear
Skin: Zoe (Group Gift, Free) @ AngelDust

LUZ of Christmas

Blogged by Annabella Noel

Went to Lusiefee's and found that skin I posted, yesterday.  Well, I found way more than that and wanted to share a little more with you because there really is a lot more great stuff there, as well.  Also, you ought to make a stop by HUDSON's because they have some nice jewelry there for you, too.

LUZ / Green Whisper / Vendor (plus green wedgies)

HUDSON's Black Moonstone Set Gift Bag (Group Gift)

LUZ - Jingle Bells - Vendor

Christmas Suede Platform Pumps, by Bade


LUZ - Jingle Bells - Vendor (the pearl necklace that actually comes with it, not shown in main picture)

Christmas Love - Vendor, by LUZ

Outfits:  LUZ / Green Whisper / Vendor (plus green wedgies come with it), LUZ - Jingle Bells - Vendor (plus pearl necklace comes with it), & Christmas Love - Vendor, found @ Luziefee Mainstore:

Shoes:  Christmas Suede Platform Pumps (red), found @ Bade:

Jewelry Set:  HUDSON's Black Moonstone Set Gift Bag (Group Gift), found @ HUDSON's Clothing Co.:

Necklace:  SUADE BEADED CHOKER Group Gift (wine), found @ HUDSON'S  Clothing Co.:

Skin:  LUZ - Delma - Skin Ivy (Group Gift by door [previously blogged] ), found @ Luziefee Mainstore:

Hair:  A&A Maja Hair Caramel (previously blogged in Blackberry [Voting Present F (21st Dec 2021) ] ), found on front desk @ Alli&Ali Designs New Mainstore:

Snowflake Beauty

Blogger by Annabella Noel

Found this very pretty pink cocktail snow flake dress today @ Victoria Endsleigh Couture, and then went to Luziefee Mainstore for this lovely group gift pale skin by their front door.  The hair is an Alli&Ali (A&A) group gift found on their front desk @ their new main store.  There's also a voting gift blonde copy of this found in front of their hair voting station in the next room, on the other side of the wall.

 SnowFlake Pink (mesh group gift)

LUZ - Delma - Skin Ivy (Group Gift), & Alli&Ali Maja Hair - Blackberry (Group Gift)

Dress:  SnowFlake Pink (mesh group gift), found @ Victoria Endsleigh Couture:

Skin:  LUZ - Delma - Skin Ivy (Group Gift by door), found @ Luziefee Mainstore:

Hair:  A&A Maja Hair Blackberry (Groupie Present F (21st Dec 2021), found on front desk @ Alli&Ali Designs New Mainstore:

Friday, December 21, 2012

Five Delicious Female Avatars

Blogged by Annabella Noel

Marketplace has some great dollarbies out there, girls.  Here's some of them. I got 5 Full Female Avatars from .:: DELISH ::. (without hair), and a hair to go with them. Usually, I wear my own shape I made, but this time I wore the ones in the Avatar packs so you could see the full Avatars you can get.

.:: DELISH ::. Complete Avatar - Rayne - 10

.:: DELISH ::. Complete Avatar - Haley - Flawless

.:: DELISH ::. Complete Avatar - Crystal - 06

.:: DELISH ::. Complete Avatar - Lauren - 06

.:: DELISH ::. Complete Avatar - Destiny - 01

Full Female Avatar # 1:  .:: DELISH ::. Complete Avatar - Rayne - 10 (L$1), found @ Marketplace:

Full Female Avatar # 2:  .:: DELISH ::. Complete Avatar - Haley - Flawless (L$1), found @ Marketplace:

Full Female Avatar # 3:  .:: DELISH ::. Complete Avatar - Crystal - 06 (L$1), found @ Marketplace:

Full Female Avatar # 4:  .:: DELISH ::. Complete Avatar - Lauren - 06 (L$1), found @ Marketplace:

Full Female Avatar # 5:  .:: DELISH ::. Complete Avatar - Destiny - 01 (L$1), found @ Marketplace:

Outfits:  All are included in the Avatar packs pictured.

Hair:  -dDx- EFB01 - Flexible braids (Natural White Marketplace Exclusive [L$1] ), found @ Xstreet:

Thursday, December 20, 2012

No One Snowflake Is Alike

Reasonable Desires has this cute little bra & panty set in both blue & red.  They are both free.  The skin is a group gift from AngelDust.  The hair is from Lelutka for their group gift as well.

Hair: Vent (Group Gift) @ Lelutka
Lingerie: Snowflake (Free) @ Reasonable Desire
Skin: Grace (Group Gift, Free) @ Angeldust

Kim Dresses For The Holiday

I got a notecard about the new group gift @ Chrysalis & it is just breath-taking.  I ran over as soon as I could and snagged it up.  I used the new gift put out by Lelutka called Vent.  And it went very well.

Hair: Vent (Group Gift) @ Lelutka
Skin: Kim (Grou Gift, Free) @ Mar
Dress: Holiday Dress (Group Gift, Free) @ Chrysalis

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Essence Of Christmas

I loved this cute little lingerie, so much I had to take 2 pics of it =P.  It is free from Lizzie's, it also comes with appliers.  The hair is a group gift from Lelutka, its a mesh hair that comes in 8 colors. The skin is from Essences it comes in 3 different lipsticked skins.

Lingerie: Jolie (Free) @ Izzie's
Hair: Vent (Group Gift, Free) @ Lelutka
Skin: Amelie (Group Gift, 1L) @ Essences

Comfy Christmas!

Outfit: Secret Passion - (Group Gift - Free Group) secondlife:///app/group/0254b800-3ef6-9dbb-e30d-b50338cb6808/about

Skin: [ S H O C K ] - (Group Gift - Free Group) secondlife:///app/group/928701a3-97cf-c744-a8ab-341635924bc8/about

Hair: Magika (Subscriber Gift - Just click the subscriber then click the gift)

Monday, December 17, 2012

Peace On Earth @ Christmas Time

There are some fantastic gifts in the Peace On Earth Hunt.  I am showcasing 2 of them in this blog.  If you are looking for some great Christmas hair, Chichickie has it for you.  This hair has a resizer & also comes in petite.  The skin is from Dulce Secrets & is stop # 3.  The lingerie is the latest gift from EBA.  Perfect for that  sexy couples get away.

Lingerie: Christmas (Group Gift, Free) @ EBA
Hair: Serafina (Peace On Earth Hunt Stop #34) @ Chichickie
Skin: Glo (Riesling, Winter Glitter) (Peace On Earth Hunt Stop #3) @ Dulce Secrets

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Beth Goes Steampunk

Blogged by Annabella Noel

Found some nice group goodies at ezura Xue I wanted to show you, and great free skin packs at MDD DESIGNS & STUDIO.  And, of course, one of my favorite hair stables:  Analog Dog.

ezura + 4th Anniversary Gift Dress

ezura + Unisex Steampunk Hat VIP, & caught raspherry hair by Analog Dog

Beth Tan (MDD skin)

Dress Outfit:   ezura + 4th Anniversary Gift Dress (Group Gift), found @ ezura Xue Mainstore:

Hat:  ezura + Unisex Steampunk Hat VIP, found @ ezura Xue Mainstore:

Skin:  Beth Tan (MDD skins night or day [4 free fat packs] ), found @ MDD DESIGNS & STUDIO:

Hair:  caught raspherry (previously blogged) , found @ Analog Dog (follow the beacon) (in the bubbles on the beach):

Merry Christmas From PNP

Yoon Beauty has this gorgeous skin for a group gift.  The hair is from Analog Dog.  And the outfit is a group gift from Pretty -N- Pink.

Skin: Alyce (Group Gift, Free) @ Yoon Beauty
Outfit: Merry Christmas (Group Gift, Free) @ Pretty -N- Pink

Holiday Party Dress!

A great little red holday glitter dress! Just join the free group and touch the board! This will make a great cocktail dress for the holidays!

Dress: House of Dashwood - (Group Gift) Group(Free to join): secondlife:///app/group/516f23a9-7917-8519-7055-e76ef5cf7b66/about

Skin: Al Vulo - (Group Gift) Group(Free to join): secondlife:///app/group/c15b61c6-7a1b-6887-6aea-c2ec56a55e07/about

Hair: Analog Dog Freeball:

Little Bat in Exile

Blogged by Annabella Noel

Actually, we have a nice female Drow skin that I found in The Little Bat MM board.  The hair is from :: Exile ::  Hope you like....  I know she's hard to see, but the closeup may help.  It looks really great when you see it in SL.

 !TLB - Arcane Drow F (Water)

 ::Exile:: Karena:Lapis

Avatar:  Skin, eyes, ears, shape (not in picture, just my own made), clothes:  !TLB - Arcane Drow F (Water), all found in same pack in MM board (XX/25) @ The Little Bat store:

Hair:  Exile Karena Color Demo Hair pack (many colors, wearable demos [worn:  ::Exile:: Karena:Lapis] ), found by Christmas Tree in front, @ Exile Mainstore:

Grace Gets A Little Sassy!

The combination of Sassy & AngelDust is a fatal combination.  The dress can be found on the lucky chair @ Sassy.  The skin is one of the group gifts put out by AngelDust.  The hair is a freebie on the Marketplace from Tameless.

Skin: Grace (Group Gift, Free) @ Angeldust
Hair: Ellie (Free) by Tameless @ Marketplace
Dress: **MESH** On Track (Lucky Board, 10 minutes) @ Sassy!

Snow Angels Amongst Us

 These gorgeous Group Gifts from Al vulo, Boudoir, and .:EMO-tions:. are simply put Amazing! So don't miss out grabbing them up. Blessings and have wonderful Holidays!

Dress Outfit - Snowflake Fairy Ballet Dress (Group Gift/ Free to Join)

Skin - al vulo- Eleonor * Son of Flowers (Group Gift/ Free to Join)

Hair - .:EMO-tions:. * CHristmas angel*/snow (Group Gift/ Free To join)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tied Up In Shacklez

Shacklez has this amazing lingerie set it will only take 15 hits and it will be yours.  The skin is from Heartsick & the hair is from Analog Dog.

Outfit & Skin: Halo (Glitz) @ Avea/Heartsick
Lingerie: Signature Lingerie (MM 15 hits) @ Shacklez

Aeva Makes Me Heart Sick

Aeva/Heartsick has several gifts out for the group.  This is one of the newest.  The lingerie comes in 2 colors this and blue.  The skin is also in the package.  And the hair is from Analog Dog.

Outfit & Skin: Divinity Lingerie & Halo (Glitz) @ Avea/Heartsick

Friday, December 14, 2012

Sexy Xmas

Artful Designs has a sexy twist on the Xmas celebration.  I just love the shade of red they made this outfit.  The skin is from *Shine*.  And the hair is from A&A from Marketplace.

Outfit: Xmas bodysuit (Group Gift, Free) @
Skin: Venice Magenta (Group Gift, Free) @ *SHINE*

You Would Be Seldom Blue In This Outfit

**Thanks Belle for the scoop**

This sultry little number is perfect for Xmas time.  You can look like a classic package is this dollarbie lingerie.  It is from Seldom Blue.  The hair is free from Analog Dog and it is MESH.  The skin is the group gift from *Shine*

Lingerie: Elizabeth (1L) @ Seldom Blue
Skin: Venice Magenta (Group Gift, Free) @ *SHINE*
Hair: Mint Earth (Free) @ Analog Dog

Katniss's Time To Shine

My health has SOOO been messing with me.  I was gone for 3 days because of a collapsed lung.  Well now I'm back and blogging the naughties again.  Hope you enjoy!

The hair is a freebie from A&A on Marketplace.  It says its only free till the 7th but its still available for free, so you better jump on it.  The outfit is a group gift from SsanasS and the skin is the new gift from *Shine*.

Outfit: Gift SsanasS Designs Black (Group Gift, Free) @ SsanasS
Skin: Venice Magenta (Group Gift, Free) @ *SHINE*
Hair: Katniss (Free) by A&A @ Marketplace

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Elva's Morning Dream

Blogged by Annabella Noel

I think you'll like the lineup we have for you, today:  B&T, HUSH, Analog Dog.  You can't ever go wrong with any of them.

:.<B&T>.: G'morning girl'Y (Group Gift)

(Hush) Elva - Group Gift skin, & Analog Dog's rebel rebel vanilla hair

Outfit:  :.<B&T>.: G'morning girl'Y (Group Gift), found @ :.B&T Designs!:

Skin:  (Hush) Elva - Group Gift, found @ (HUSH) Skins:

Hair:  rebel rebel vanilla (free), found in freeball (any of the 3 bubbles) @ Analog Dog Island (follow the beacon):

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Comin' Undone

Patchwork Heart has awesome clothing, and the owner kicks ass. They have great clothing for the boobie inclined. There is a pic up that shows you what it looks like for regular boobs and prim boobies. This outfit is called Unravelled it is very sexy,it comes from a lucky board that has the red and blue versions. There is some new hair out @ Analog Dog, There are 3 hairs that are mesh and one that is normal, with this fantastic favorite of mine, Caught (it is tinted). The skin is done by an amazing artist named Amohe, she just fantastic stuff. This is one of 3 skin gifts she has up this month.

Dress: Unravelled Dress (Lucky board, 10 minutes) @ Patchwork Heart
Skin: Grace (Group Gift, Free) @ Angeldust

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Cocktails Anyone?

Hudson Co. has this fantastic cocktail dress as a group gift.  The flow is fantastic in this dress.  It would be wonderful for any occasion.  The skin is from Mar.  And the hair is another hair in the bubble @ Analog Dog.

Skin: Kim (Grou Gift, Free) @ Mar
Dress: Cocktail Dress (Group Gift, Free) @ Hudson

Blondes Have More Fun

So I got this notecard from my cousin Kayliegh Lykin, she is the co-owner of Blonde&Blonde.  This sexy bikini set is the new group gift for December.  The hair is from the same package as the last post.  The hair is called Pause Puff.  The skin is the Christmas gift from Kyxe.

Bikini: Blondie Bikini (Group Gift, Free) @ Blonde&Blonde
Skin: Julie Angel (Group Gift, Free) @ Kyxe