Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Other White Meat


Skin: Death Row Designs- Asylum Skin (men and womens) FREE on the MM board but you have to join the group (also FREE) SLURL:

Hair: .:ARI:.- Rani Blonde FREE on the lucky board. SLURL:

Shirt: Maai- Irene FREE top #2. You have to join the group but that is FREE. SLURL:

Pants: ASCARDO- Ribbon Jeans FREE. There is no inworld store. Marketplace:

Boots: Death Row Designs-Loose Boots 3 Unisex. FREE on the MM board but you have to join the group (also FREE). SLURL:

Slave to Yer Mawm!You can be incrediably sexy. From the bow on your tiny pink head to your little pink will be the Pigs Oink in this adorable avi. FREE from Noyl's little shop cause you shouldn't have to pay for pork.


When Pigs Fly It's a bird, it's a its ... the end of the world with these cute flying pigs. It comes in a male and female version so no one is left out. YAY Noyl's little shop cause its also FREE.


Pumpkin Pigs I don't know if I should go trick or treating in them or show up anywhere they need a ham and pumpkin pie. Thank you Noyl's tiny shop. FREE


Spider Pig, Spider PigNoyl's spider pig Does whatever a spider pig does. Can he swing from a web, No he can't he's a pig. LOOK OUT! Hes Spider Pig. Enough said. FREE

Flight of the Pigs A flying ridable pig in glasses. Admit it you need this! The baby pig is a follower pet so its two porks for the price of one! Its a Porking good time with Kermit's flying pig and its FREE!

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