Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mint & Stardust

I just love the textures of Carrie's Lingerie.  It looks so realistic.  This outfit shows that you do not have to show it all to be sexy.  This mint outfit can be yours for 100 slaps on the MM board.

This skin is from Al Vulo, its the What the..? hunt gift.  It's really easy to find.

The hair is from D!va.  You go upstairs where they have the past gifts placed.  Then click on the little door.  It will open up and you will have to go through it teleport to a secret spot in the building.  There is a hidden group gift there. =)  It comes in several differnt colors  =)

Skin: May (Stardust) @ Al Vulo (What is... Hunt Stop #39)

Lingerie: Morgan (Mint) (MM Board, 100 slaps) @ Carrie's Lingerie

Hair: Akane (Parted Middle) (Group Gif) @ D!va

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