Friday, December 2, 2011

Lets Hear It For the Boys

Simple is Sexy

D o n k e y (P o p)'s Black Tank is simply beautifully made. Black so it matches everything and wonderfully textured. Its a great way to finish out your wardrobe and its FREE. Marketplace: There is no store in world.

Basic Hotness

D o n k e y (P o p)'s Dragon T shirt is very cool. It comes in three layers Jacket, Shirt, and Tattoo. Basic black with a kick of white makes this shirt a perfect fit for any wardrobe. Again FREE is the magic word! Marketplace:

Classic with a Touch of Steam

BlakOpal Design's Tramontane's Outfit is classic with a touch of steam punk. Everything is included but the shoes. It has a sculpted collar and cravat. The buckles on the pants and incredibly textured vest make this outfit a treat to look at from both sides. Absolutely FREE. SLURL: Marketplace:

Dressed to the Nines

BlacOpal Design's Formal Suit has it all (except shoes). The cuffs, Cravat, and Tails are all sculpted. It's easy to fit and suitable for any occasion. It has a subtle steam punk feel caused by the gear texture on the coat. I didn't see this FREE outfit in the store but there were gloves and a scarf and a free sculpted gnome in the bundle up shop. SLURL: Marketplace:

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