Monday, December 5, 2011

Let the Cat out of the Bag

Hello Kitty! ViRTuaL ATTIRE has some incredible outfits on their lucky chairs! This hot little number is called Velvet Lust and it's awesome. It includes everything including the tattoo, shoes, tail and ears, even a little necklace for you to chew on. SLURL:

Bad Kitty
Also by ViRTuaL ATTIRE this outfit is called alternative. FREE in the lucky chair.

For the DogsThe tail and ears are from Gemini Lotus. They are having a mini hut (loud cheers) there are 12 snowflakes hidden on the sim, tons of great gifts. Also check out their Advent Calendar. This is the Canine Mistletoe set. It comes in red, green, and tricolor. SLURL:

Cat's MEOWAnother of Gemini Lotus' FREE hunt gifts. This is the snow Neko set. It has great detail on the ears and tail! Like all of their tails it,s interactive. Get it while it's hot..or cold.

Hair: .:ARI:.-Hanna *Black*and Hanna streaks *Black* FREE on the Midnight Mania board. SLURL:

Skin: Idosyncrasy- Natasha Exotic. FREE for the Peace on Earth Hunt SLURL:

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