Monday, December 12, 2011

I'm a Fox..

And a Horse, and a Reindeer, and a Wolf, and a Hyena

For you furries, furry friendly, and just plain sick of being human I found this great box of FREE Avatars. There are over 50 of them in this box. Wingless Emoto has kindly set this box with almost all of the avatars made for FREE (sorry I can't get over that part). It has both male and female versions in each box and they are completely customizable, eyes, style of hair, color, leg type and multiple skins for each one. Also in this great FREE box are different colors of each avatar so you don't have to be a rainbow horse you get to pick!

Pictured- Rainbow Horse, Biscottie Reindeer, Midnight Blue Fox, Mossy Green Hyena, and White Wolf.

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