Friday, December 9, 2011

Coming Out on Top

If you are looking for a little something to spice up your day, this latex outfit from Naughty and Nice will definitely hit the spot.  It comes in 3 levels of opaqueness and two panty options. It is paired here with free elbow gloves from XTC Leather.

Underneath it all is the gorgeous Al Vulo skin from the Winter Fair.  The skin is gorgeous and creamy, and will even make you still look innocent while covered in latex and wielding a flogger.  This hair is one of the great new freebies from the Analog free ball.

The boots are from my inventory, and regrettably not free.  I spent an hour looking for a good set and just didn't get them.  This outfit would look great with just about anything in your inventory.

Now say "Yes Mistress Moira" and go grab these freebies, or I'll have to get out the cuffs.

Naughty and Nice @ Latex Station -  Cream Filled Lingerie -

XTC Black Leather Elbow Gloves - Free in store -

Analog Dog ladonna nutmeg hair - Free ball on beach -

al vulo!- may* ghost of the past porcellain - winter fair gift -

Happy hunting!

<3Mistress Moira

(p.s. if you are feeling spendy, the boots are from J's and totally worth the money)

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