Saturday, December 10, 2011

Holy crap!  Cold snow!  Cold Snow!
If you follow Forty Lindens you may have already seen this post.  If so, sorry about the double up!

I spent yesterday morning completing the [: Where is...? :] hunt, and I have to say everything I found was a stunner.  Not one dud!  Big bravo to the organizers and creators!

Another gorgeous and free skin from Al Vulo, man oh man.  I love this creator.  It is so dewy and soft, and the texture on the lips is amazing.  The hair here is from the new free ball at Analog Dog, and is the only item shown not from the hunt.

The Original Jeans from Poison are wonderful.  With straight cuffs (shown) and rolled cuff options plus amazing detail, I think they will be my new staple jeans.  This great sweater dress is offered by Sticky Fingers and looks gorgeous with and without jeans underneath.

I have to say though, my favorite thing right now is this jewelry set from Needful Things.  It consists of this great necklace and two matching rings.  I just squee every time I look at them.  Oh man, here comes another one... SQUEE! :D :D

Time for Roll Call!

(>>>Poison<<<) Original jeans blue - [:Where is...HunT:] -

:STICKY FINGERS: My black cable knit sweater dress - [:Where is...HunT:] -

NEEDFUL THINGS ~ THE SANTA SHEEP<3 Jewelry -  [:Where is...HunT:] -

al vulo!- may* stardust porcellain -[:Where is...HunT:] -

Analog Dog Pause Puff hair - free ball on the beach -

This outfit is entirely free, and your going to look like a million bucks!

Happy Hunting!
<3 Moira

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