Saturday, December 17, 2011

Have a Gothica Xmas

So throughout the day I get dozens of notecards from stores I have visited down to groups I am in.  And I went hunting through the notecards and stumbled around Gothica, they have a great wall of freebies, the first pic is from that wall.


This is the Spoiled Kitteh Gift, Bliss

The store is having a 1 item hunt in their store this is the prezzie.

The hair is the newest gift from Tameless

Pic #1:
Dress: Seduce @ Gothica
Hair: Vanity (Raven) @ Vixen

Pic #2:
Outfit: Bliss (Spoiled Kitteh Stop # 28) @ Gothica
Hair: Alice (Midnight) (Group Gift) @ Tameless

Pic #3:
Outfit: Sexy Santa (Gothica Christmas Hunt Gift) @ Gothica
Hair: Alice (Midnight) (Group Gift) @ Tameless

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