Thursday, December 1, 2011

Friends Will....

Tell you where the best stuff is.......

What I am wearing:

Shirt: :GF:dirty shirt brown (also comes in red, green, blue, violet, and ping) FREE

Pants: Grunge Jeans by ASCARDO (you will see more of them later cause AWESOME)

FREE Shoes: u.n.y.u uni-sex hooves in brown (MM board gift last week this weeks its hair) FREE

Hair: Malfean Visions Punkin Hair blue/black (MM board last week this week its boots and several hunt gifts) FREE

Skin: Idiosyncrasy The Deck Birthday Gift (no longer free but they have a hunt gift out now) FREE

Lend you a Hand... or Eight?

Mollis the Friendly Octopus by Ice Age Industries. His eyes move and he blows bubbles and if white isn't your thing he comes in Blue, Brown, Pink, Yellow and White. All of them are FREE and so cute!

Never Give you the Cold Shoulder

Emma's cute little snowman. Touch his hat and it snows. Let it melt your heart for FREE! There are other free gifts in the store including a growing tropical garden all you have to do is join the group(that's FREE too), and a MM board.

Let You Shine
BK Tools Bulb-Man is a brilliant idea. He sits he stands he dances and provides his own music and his bulb changes colors. Best of all he puts words into other peoples mouth! He is FREE on the marketplace... brite brilliant!

Think for Themselves

Anaconda's Advanced AI Robot Pet. This one doesn't sit on your shoulder he roams around your sim or can follow you. He interacts with people and things. He has a mind of his own..finally. FREE for a limited time. SLURL:

Be Your Wing ManIts a Fluff by 24 Shoo-Shoes. Like a dust bunny with eyes and some great lines like "what's your number" and "I like to dance...shall I pick you up at eight?" and if those don't do it for you it even clenches the deal with "I will take your protests as a "yesss"" You don't have to wear them all you can wear one at a time. He is FREE in the store but 1L on the Marketplace. The store also has freebie items out. SLURL: Marketplace:

Watch Your Back

Yes its cute but it will also help you fly over 200M and when you click him he sleeps. ITOH Clinic did a great job. Nuff said ohh did I mention he's FREE? There's also a bunny backpack for sale from them on the Marketplace. SLURL:


Lure In Unwary Travelers

(ok that one is a stretch)

This is Aria. She is made by Avalon designs. She sings, blinks and has an integrated OOC/IC talker for your role play fun. Like all good mermaids she has sisters named Crysta (red hair blue tail) and Viola (brown hair black tail) all FREE. If Mermaids aren't your thing there are several other freebies in the store and marketplace including a dragonfly avi, VW Bug, motorcycle and a Skydiver Chicken flight enhancer. SLURL: Marketplace

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