Sunday, December 4, 2011

Caught Up in the Frenzy

There are so many goodies at Frenzy.  They have 2 lucky chairs, hunts, cupcake, and kick ass clothes

The hair is from ChiChickie's, don't forget to go down to the basement for discounts, more MM boards and a lucky chair.

Shorts: Freestyle (Lucky chair, 4 minute wait),  @Frenzy
Jacket: Deluxe Lamont Jacket (Kawaii Hunt Stop #44) @ Frenzy
Belt: Present :D (1L) @ Frenzy
Hair: Cami (Chocolate)  (Scribo) @ ChiChickie
Glasses: Nuts Glasses (white) (cupcake) @ Frenzy
Tape: You Are What You Eat (Spoiled Kitteh Hunt Stop #7) @ Frenzy

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