Saturday, December 3, 2011


So I was tripping around the globe and found the Prim Boob Clothing Hunt.  Although, I do not have prim boobies I wanted to show that you can you can still wear the clothes and they look great.  The hunt is 24 stores.  I featured 5 of them. You're looking for a tiny snowman.

This is the first one.  It figures.  It also comes with a skirt that starts in the front and gets longer in the back.

This is the eleven.  Vooh!  It comes with an awesome pair of shoes.

Zoom in to the shoes.

This one is thirteen.  Tavwear.  It has great texture and the back of it is below.

This is the back of the Tavwear.

This is number twenty-one.  This is one of my favorite designers.  Tw@ttyCakes (there is no slurl there, it just does that because they think its a link) I soo love the name.  Also the owner is kick ass.

This is number twenty-two. Que Bella!

Outfit: Barbie Glitz @ It Figures (Prim Boob Clothing Hunt Stop # 1)

Outfit: Viper @ Vooh (Prim Boob Clothing Hunt Stop #11)

Catsuit: Blizzard @ TavWear (Prim Boob Clothing Hunt Stop # 13)

Dress: Tease Dress @ Tw@ttyC@ke (Prim Boob Clothing Hunt Stop # 21)

Dress: Lil Lacey Mini @ Que Bella! (Prim Boob Chothing Hunt Stop #22)

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