Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Searching For A Real Man!

So we here at Yer Mawm! are searching for a real man to blog for us.  We ladies are filling in until we can find a man that can blog on a regular basis.  There is such a shortage on guy stuff that we really need to help them out.  So guys get your asses down to the SHST HQ and grab an application.  We are in desperate need of your input.  Although, we ladies love to bring you guys freebies and such.  We really need a real man's input.

SHST HQ http://slurl.com/secondlife/Anarchy/74/211/501

Or cut and paste:

First things first, rename this note "SHST LambForSlaughter Application - YourName"
Avatar name:
Rez Date:
RL Age:
Member of SHST since when:
Can you commit to a weekly post (either blog or notice)?
Favorite clothing shop:
Tell me about the most unique/unusual item in your inventory:
What's you favorite thing about belonging to SHST?:
If you were given the choice of a hunt, chair stalking, MM slapping, or freebie trolling, which would you prefer and why?
Do you own a shop?
Shop name and location?
Drop this application in the mailbox at SHST HQ and we'll get together and talk about you.


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