Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Santa Loves the Bad Girls Best

I'm getting nothing for Christmas because I ain't been nothing but bad.

I wont be seeing Santa Claus, somebody snitched on me.  He wont come visit me because somebody snitched on me.

One day of presents or 364 days of getting your stocking filled?  Totally worth it.

The Naughty List Lingerie set is now available at Pinkmares House in the Lucky chair that looks like Santa's lap.I don't have to tell you how amazing it is, you only have to see that it is from Pinkmare to know that.

You probably have heard Analog has new hairs in thier free ball, and they are all gorgeous!  SHown is the Caught raspberry.

And slid underneath is the DIMH gift skin from Al Vulo enhanced with the Dare2Bare lipgloss from MOCK.  If you haven't snagged these yet, hurry!  The hunts are over soon (today I think?)

~PiNkMaReS HoUsE~ Naughty List Lingerie - Santa's Lap Lucky -

[mock] Mizu Venetian Red LipGloss - Dare2Bare hunt -

Analog Dog Hair Caught Raspberry - In free ball on the beach -

AL VULO!- giulia* malice skin - Diamond is Mine Hunt -

Check out this page for the full "Nuttin for Christmas" song, so it can get stuck in your head too:)

Hoping you get what you want this year!
<3 Moira

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