Friday, November 11, 2011

Oh Simeusako!

 With thanks for a head up from the SHST group, I found my way into Simeusako last night.  It is a great little store filled with tons of kawaii type items, and everything is completely free!

Like this sweet little pack of animal friends!  You can wear one, or two, or heck, add them all!

And these slippers (three colors!) and the huggy bear, and the pancake couch!!!
Simeusako also has a few outfits sprinkled in with the overwhelming adorableness

This adorable Christmas outfit is available in red and green.  Grab them both!  Comes complete with boots and hat.

Waiting for the naughty girls and boys
I think I picked up 50 items from Simeusako.  There is just too much cute there.

[SIMEUSAKO] Free store - All the things! -

Amacci Hair ~ Adena - Free fatpack on marketplace - Basic White Cami - Free in store -

digital girl designs Plaid PJ Bottoms - $1 on marketplace -

Happy hunting!
<3 Moira

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