Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Oh my gawd the skins.

I'm such a skin freak.  If I had new skins and pretty hairs, I could (and sometimes do) wander around wearing an old barrel all day and still be happy!  First up three skins in one free package.  Yum!

Heartsick has a big box of freebies set up at The Wash's Neverwas event.  Inside are hair, eyes, shapes, and other accessories and these skins, starting with  this cute striped one, called Muse : Waffle Group Gift

 Shown here is Muse : Autumn.  There is also a Utopia : Autumn not pictured.

Harmony : Truffles might be my favorite of the bunch.  It has great detail and gorgeous freckles that go -all- the way down.  Yep, this and a barrel.  All I need.
Ooo, and this too.

Skintimate has this cute gothy skin out as a group gift right noe (free to join!)  Don't miss it!

* IMAGINE * Hermione Hair - free on marketplace

If you would like a copy of the barrel, just send a tell to Moira Serenity!  

Happy Hunting,
<3 Moira

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