Monday, November 28, 2011

A Little Something Under Your Tree

Hmmm, it is getting close to Christmas and I haven't made my list for Santa.  Think Moira, think!

I could ask for clothes, but I have tons of those.  I don't need any more pajamas thanks to this great fatpack from *MPD*... I have too many kittens and lots of shoes... Wait, I know!  A new toy!

One all wrapped up in his own matching fatpack of pajamas from *MPD*.

Oh yeah, thats what I'm talking about.  Thanks Santa!

These awesome fatpacks are only $3 each.  I know, this is a freebie blog and $3 ain't free, but you are getting a serious bang for your buck.  Each of the 5 prints has 3 top options and 3 bottoms options for the ladies, totaling 30 pieces.  That's only 1/10th of a linden each.   The men's pack has 3 bottoms and a top (which also look fab on women, just not as hot as they look on Masterpiece's male av.

If you've never been to MPD, it is worth a visit.  The store is stuffed full of great clothes and fatpacks ranging from free to $5.  It is one of my first stops for any fashion emergency.

*MPD* Christmas Pj's and Undies fatpacks - $3L each -

*B.D.R.* Yulia Hair Majestic - $1 on Marketplace

' Skintimate ' Donation Skin <3 - $10 on Marketplace

The skin is nice, but not a total freebie.  It runs $10 on marketplace.  I'm still trying to do the math to make this fit under budget :D  I topped it off with that lipgloss I keep blogging from MOCK cosmetics.  I love that stuff!

Happy Hunting!
<3 Moira

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