Saturday, November 5, 2011

Little of This....

Here kitty kitty!  This ears/tail set is so cute.  They are animated with twitches and flicks.  The shoes leave a trail of rainbow pawprints behind you.

I am loving this skin!  It includes the checks, but I did add a bit more color with a free makeup layer.

I am wearing a bit of everything, so this style card is going to be long!

[: najl designs :] female skin - $1 on Marketplace
ChiChicki! Brandi Hair in Crimson - Group gift in Notices
>Red Bird< Makeup - Free on Marketplace

 Public Enemy Group Gift Tshirt - Free on Marketplace
Jolbey&Jaspar Pleated Miniskirt in Pink - Lucky Board prize
ViRTuaL ATTIRE Dark Schoolgirl (ears, tail, claws, legwarmers, and feet) - Lucky Chair Prize
JetDoll piercing set #6 - Lucky chair prize

I hope you enjoy!  Julya is MIA for a few days due to internet issues, but she will be back soon:)

<3, Moira

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