Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ice Queen

Winter is beating down the door, and this year I have decided to embrace it.  I promise this time!  I am going to love the cold nose and toes, and that feeling of the air getting sucked from your lungs when you step outside....

Well, at least I have this sweet frosty skin from Curious Kitties!  And this gorgeous icy dress off the Marketplace.  It looks much better in person.  I had so much lag I could not take a proper picture.  Sorry lovelies!

This hair is one of Alli&Ali's many many MM board gifts.  They have literally dozens of MMs across the grid.  I sent out a group notice earlier with the locations of today's MMs, and that notecard can (updated daily) also be found in store.

I did a lot of marketplace shopping today, again because of lag, so getting this look should be as easy as a few clicks!

=^.^= Curious Kitties - *Limited Edition* Winter Spirit Azil Skins- Free on Marketplace

Bella Azure Gown - Free on Marketplace

Alienbear design (2009 AlienbearXAgnes necklace gift) - Free on Marketplace

Alli&Ali Brooke Hair in White - MM gift (see SHST Notices for a complete list of MMs!) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wonderland%20Beach/118/128/23

The YerMawm reader group gift (Portable dressing room) is still at the HQ, but repackaged (to reduce prims!) and moved to the back.  Just look for the little Tardis!(thats police call box for those non whovians)  Be sure to do a bit of dumpster diving while you are there.  I hear there are skins and giftcards in that thing!

<3 Moira

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