Monday, November 28, 2011

Fowl Tidings

So a Duck was shopping in SL...

Ok so you have figured out I am little quackers. This adorable Duck Avi is absolutely a must have! Tesla outdid itself this time. Who wouldn't want to be this cute and adorable! Don't get your feathers ruffled though this is FREE FREE FREE! (It's so cute I had to say it more than once). So you don't have to tell the anyone to put it on your bill.

For the Birds

What is it? Glubsch by Renn's TRAUM. No I can't say it either, but you need it! This is the original Glubsch. There are five different versions including, Original, Bad, Cat, Link (with a sword and hud that makes him do Linkish things), and Jason (yes he wears the mask). So cute who wouldn't want to dress up as a Glubsch. It's the perfect Avi for when you are feeling a little bird brained! Oh did I mention its FREE!

Super Chicken

Big Bold and Gold! All the things I love in poultry. This Chicken is from Mindshift. Not only will it make Midas drool, its got a secret. Its a rideable hopping chicken and it is FREE! So as you wander through Second Life finding those adorable freebies why not have a clucking good time with this awesome freeness!

Cute, Adorable, and Quacktabulous

Why do you need it... don't let its cute facade fool you this is a trained attack duck. Yes it will also follow you and wander freely around your sim. The advertisement says its breedable but I havent tried that one out yet. Imagine an army of cute tiny masami Niekerk attack ducks following you all in a row. Best thing of all its FREE!

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