Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas Kitty

Curious Kitties is giving out presents!  Besides the loads scattered around the holiday area (including hair and skins!) *C:K* put up a cute Christmas tree that drops presents at random.  Each gift contains one of 8 -amazing- mesh dresses or accessories.

What?  You don't have mesh?  Do you still listen to music on 8track too?  Go get a new viewer already, I promise Firestorm is not bad.

The ears, gloves,dress, and feet of this outfit all come in separate boxes, but don't worry boxes drop fast.  Even with repeats I had all 8 in about 10 minutes.

The best part is everything fits great, no fudging with prims!  All of the clothing bits work great with animations.  No more legs cutting through your skirt when you walk or sit down, no more elbows poking out of your sleeves when your ao does that one stand.

These two great dresses are also included in the falling presents!  But wait, there's more!  Super sweet hair bows and a tiny av also fall from the tree.

The skin is a lovely Diamond is Mine hunt gift and hair is one in the fatpack I posted yesterday, so this outfit is a home run, all free! 

=^.^= Curious Kitties - All clothing and accessories free from the presnent tree-

!lamb. Teased Up in KitKat - Fatpack Free in Store -
[Katsucide] Laura Light Pamplemous Skin - Diamond is Mine Hunt -

<3 Moira

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