Saturday, November 12, 2011

Be Daring...Be Bare!

I just wanted to say sorry all for not posting as much as I usually do.  I have been UBER busy.  I have been cleaning out hell.. (aka, inventory).  SHST HQ has a dumpster right out side, I have put some major items in there.  Big packages with big names in there.  There is 5 different packages in there.  I'd go taking a dive if I were you.  Here are a few more pics from the hunt.. Enjoy!

This outfit is from Blue Wave.  They have some excellent clothing there.  Very sexy.  The skin is from Love for 1L.

Outfit, Boots, Jewelry, & Tats (Dare2Bare Hunt Spot #32) @ Blue Wave

Outfit: (Dare2Bare Hunt Spot #77) @ Slut Wear
Hair: (see above)

Outfit: (Dare2Bare Hunt Spot #16 @ Sassy!

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