Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ruby Lust

Lingerie: Skiny in Ruby (MM Board, 100 slaps) @ Carrie's Lingerie
Hair: Ali @ Exile

Curiously Raiding Marketplace

I pieced this outfit together from Marketplace, everything but the lip tattoo is from Curious Kitties.

The lip tattoo is from Crush, on their lucky chair (5 minute wait time).  The hair/hat is from Curious Kitties tinted Red.

Tattoo: "Spoiled" Lip Tattoo (Lucky Chair 5 minutes)

Santa Loves the Bad Girls Best

I'm getting nothing for Christmas because I ain't been nothing but bad.

I wont be seeing Santa Claus, somebody snitched on me.  He wont come visit me because somebody snitched on me.

One day of presents or 364 days of getting your stocking filled?  Totally worth it.

The Naughty List Lingerie set is now available at Pinkmares House in the Lucky chair that looks like Santa's lap.I don't have to tell you how amazing it is, you only have to see that it is from Pinkmare to know that.

You probably have heard Analog has new hairs in thier free ball, and they are all gorgeous!  SHown is the Caught raspberry.

And slid underneath is the DIMH gift skin from Al Vulo enhanced with the Dare2Bare lipgloss from MOCK.  If you haven't snagged these yet, hurry!  The hunts are over soon (today I think?)

~PiNkMaReS HoUsE~ Naughty List Lingerie - Santa's Lap Lucky -

[mock] Mizu Venetian Red LipGloss - Dare2Bare hunt -

Analog Dog Hair Caught Raspberry - In free ball on the beach -

AL VULO!- giulia* malice skin - Diamond is Mine Hunt -

Check out this page for the full "Nuttin for Christmas" song, so it can get stuck in your head too:)

Hoping you get what you want this year!
<3 Moira

It's Freezing

The outfit is a group gift sent out by Ravishing Racks, its in the notices.  And the hair is something from a lucky chair, there are several hairs in the chair, all are completely nifty.  I could send hours in there and be content.

Outfit: Top/Jean (Group Gift, in notices) @ Ravishing Racks
Hair: Kaylee (Black w/Red) (Lucky Chair 5 minutes) @ Tameless

Not All That Glitters Is Gold

This is just one of the great gifts sent out at Icewerk.  Also don't forget to slap the awesome MM board next to the gifts.  It only needs 100 slaps.  And its well worth it.

The hair is one of 6 dollarbies set out by W & Y for ya.

Dress: Glitter Special Gfit #3 (Group Gift) @ Icewerk
Hair: Model Hair Gift #4 @ W & Y Hair

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tempest Brought The Black Sun

Letita Black Sun w/ bra.

Letita Black Sun w/o bra.

Back View

The hair is shoulder length in the front & long in the back.  It makes for easy picture taking.

Outfit: Letitia Black Sun @ Yesss Designs

Shiloh Got A Felony

Dentelle Underwear Set (1L) w/ Shiloh "Light"

Shiloh "Light"

Shiloh "Dark"

Shiloh "Exotic" Drow

The hair is from Rubisho.  The skins are from a lucky chair that has a 5 minute time limit.

Skin: Shiloh "Light", Shiloh "Exotic", Shiloh "Exotic" Drow @ Felony
Bra & Panties: Dentelle Underwear Set (1L) @ Felony
Hair: Sera (Wine) @ Rubisho

Monday, November 28, 2011

Babydoll's So Sexy

Pink Lace Babydoll

Red Rose Mini Bikini

Red Rose Mini Bikini w/ Sarong

See through Red Rose Bikini

See through Red Rose Bikini w/ Sarong

Black Satin Lingerie

There are 3 packages on the freebies table there.  The lipstick is from Glamorize, it comes in a fatpack 10 of them for 1L.

Picture #1: Pink lace Babydoll
Picture #2: Red Roses  (comes w/ shoes)
Picture #3: Black Satin Lingerie
@ BabyDoll's
Hair: Ladonna Nutmeg (tinted red) @ Analog Dog
Lipstick: IcyKiss 01 1L @ Glamorize

Fowl Tidings

So a Duck was shopping in SL...

Ok so you have figured out I am little quackers. This adorable Duck Avi is absolutely a must have! Tesla outdid itself this time. Who wouldn't want to be this cute and adorable! Don't get your feathers ruffled though this is FREE FREE FREE! (It's so cute I had to say it more than once). So you don't have to tell the anyone to put it on your bill.

For the Birds

What is it? Glubsch by Renn's TRAUM. No I can't say it either, but you need it! This is the original Glubsch. There are five different versions including, Original, Bad, Cat, Link (with a sword and hud that makes him do Linkish things), and Jason (yes he wears the mask). So cute who wouldn't want to dress up as a Glubsch. It's the perfect Avi for when you are feeling a little bird brained! Oh did I mention its FREE!

Super Chicken

Big Bold and Gold! All the things I love in poultry. This Chicken is from Mindshift. Not only will it make Midas drool, its got a secret. Its a rideable hopping chicken and it is FREE! So as you wander through Second Life finding those adorable freebies why not have a clucking good time with this awesome freeness!

Cute, Adorable, and Quacktabulous

Why do you need it... don't let its cute facade fool you this is a trained attack duck. Yes it will also follow you and wander freely around your sim. The advertisement says its breedable but I havent tried that one out yet. Imagine an army of cute tiny masami Niekerk attack ducks following you all in a row. Best thing of all its FREE!

A Little Something Under Your Tree

Hmmm, it is getting close to Christmas and I haven't made my list for Santa.  Think Moira, think!

I could ask for clothes, but I have tons of those.  I don't need any more pajamas thanks to this great fatpack from *MPD*... I have too many kittens and lots of shoes... Wait, I know!  A new toy!

One all wrapped up in his own matching fatpack of pajamas from *MPD*.

Oh yeah, thats what I'm talking about.  Thanks Santa!

These awesome fatpacks are only $3 each.  I know, this is a freebie blog and $3 ain't free, but you are getting a serious bang for your buck.  Each of the 5 prints has 3 top options and 3 bottoms options for the ladies, totaling 30 pieces.  That's only 1/10th of a linden each.   The men's pack has 3 bottoms and a top (which also look fab on women, just not as hot as they look on Masterpiece's male av.

If you've never been to MPD, it is worth a visit.  The store is stuffed full of great clothes and fatpacks ranging from free to $5.  It is one of my first stops for any fashion emergency.

*MPD* Christmas Pj's and Undies fatpacks - $3L each -

*B.D.R.* Yulia Hair Majestic - $1 on Marketplace

' Skintimate ' Donation Skin <3 - $10 on Marketplace

The skin is nice, but not a total freebie.  It runs $10 on marketplace.  I'm still trying to do the math to make this fit under budget :D  I topped it off with that lipgloss I keep blogging from MOCK cosmetics.  I love that stuff!

Happy Hunting!
<3 Moira

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mohican Goes Mad

Outfit Madam Ana (Group Gift 1L)
Hair Base: Natural Black Hair Base Fringe @ MADesigns
Hair: Spiked Mohican @ Emo-tions

Black Lightening

This outfit comes with the hat, arm bands, and choker for 1L.  The boots are from Lapointe & BastChild.

             The make-up is from Adore & Abhor.  Although the llipstick is a part of the of the skin as well.

This is a group gift from Skintimates.

Earlier this month Mango, Mango  merged with Adore & Abhor.  Things are growing there and I hear that there are going to be PLENTY of great Xmas prezzies around in December so run their and join their scribo.  Look out for more updates from their scribo.

Dress: Beatrix (1L) @ Calamity
Boots: Pinstripe (Ocean Bue) @ Lapointe & Bastchild Designs
Makeup: Black Lightening @ Adore & Abhor
Skin: Vegas (Group Gift) @ Skintimate
 Hair: Caught Raspberry @ Analog Dog

Feels So Good To Be Spoiled

This outfit comes with, shoes, stockings, dress, jewelry.  It's in the lucky chair at Twisted & Spoiled.

This is the skin that is available in the lucky chair @ Yoon.  There is another one too but did not blog it.

This hair is a free gift from Redlic.  And it also gives you a close up to the skin above.

Outfit & Boots: Starshine in Emerald (Lucky Chair) @ Twisted & Spoiled
Hair: Dressed Hair @ Redlic
Skin: Chanelle (Lucky Chair)  @ Yoon

Saturday, November 26, 2011

4 Days & Counting

This is from the store Seven. Store #63

                                                    This is from the store ChixMayB. Store #45

                                                   This is from the store.  Store #43

Picture #1:
Hair:  Alexandria (Lucky Chair [5 mins.]) (Cherrywood) @ Tameless
Skin: Alicia Pure @ Virtual Diva
Outfit: Dare2Bare Hunt Prize (Dare2Bare Hunt Stop # 63 @ Seven

Picture #2:
Hair:  Alexandria (Lucky Chair [5 mins.]) (Cherrywood) @ Tameless
Skin: Megan (Group Gift) @ YS & YS
Shirt: Xegul Jeans Jacket (Dare2Bare Hunt Stop #45) @ ChiXcksMayB
Pants: June Jeans (Dare2Bare Hunt Stop #45) @ ChiXcksMayB

Picture #3:
Hair:  Alexandria (Lucky Chair [5 mins.]) (Cherrywood) @ Tameless
Skin: Megan (Group Gift) @ YS & YS
Outfit: Bodystocking (Dare2Bare Hunt Stop #43) @ Kitties Lair

Amadeus Rocked Me!

There are 2 lucky boards @ Rock Me Amadeus this is one.  They have remodeled =) It's very cute you should check it out.

Hair: In Space-Blonde hair (tinted black) @Curio (Scribo Gift)
Bikini: Miami Zebra (Lucky Board) @ Rock Me Amadeus

More Bang For Your Buck!

Virtual Diva is open right now for FREE...That's right FREE!  Until 12:01am SLT December 2nd.  So make sure that you join before then.  There is just gorgeous skins monthly.  And they also have a lucky chair.

Shirt: St Tropez (Black) 1L @ Rock Me Amadeus
Pants: Snake Pants (Gun Metal) 1L @ Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Hair: Melissa @ Logo
Skin @ Virtual Diva

A Post about Posts!

I'm slowly going through and adding tags to my old posts to make it a little easier to find the great freebies!  Below each post you will see a line of tags like skin, hair, gowns, etc.  Clicking on a tag should bring up all the posts with that tag.  I know I should have done this ages ago, its so neat:)

Christmas Kitty

Curious Kitties is giving out presents!  Besides the loads scattered around the holiday area (including hair and skins!) *C:K* put up a cute Christmas tree that drops presents at random.  Each gift contains one of 8 -amazing- mesh dresses or accessories.

What?  You don't have mesh?  Do you still listen to music on 8track too?  Go get a new viewer already, I promise Firestorm is not bad.

The ears, gloves,dress, and feet of this outfit all come in separate boxes, but don't worry boxes drop fast.  Even with repeats I had all 8 in about 10 minutes.

The best part is everything fits great, no fudging with prims!  All of the clothing bits work great with animations.  No more legs cutting through your skirt when you walk or sit down, no more elbows poking out of your sleeves when your ao does that one stand.

These two great dresses are also included in the falling presents!  But wait, there's more!  Super sweet hair bows and a tiny av also fall from the tree.

The skin is a lovely Diamond is Mine hunt gift and hair is one in the fatpack I posted yesterday, so this outfit is a home run, all free! 

=^.^= Curious Kitties - All clothing and accessories free from the presnent tree-

!lamb. Teased Up in KitKat - Fatpack Free in Store -
[Katsucide] Laura Light Pamplemous Skin - Diamond is Mine Hunt -

<3 Moira